The apartments in STENNA

Stunning. Modern. Stylish. And in the heart of sensational unspoilt mountain scenery. That's what living in STENNA Muntogna and STENNA Vallada building will be like - eco-friendly and built to the Minergie standard as well. Experience and enjoy the magic of the mountains with the convenience of urban living: everything your heart desires. 365 days a year.

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Overview and prices

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Price (CHF):
Floor Apart. nr. Rooms Living
Price (CHF) Status PDF
1. flr. 10-01 3.5 57.0 m² Sold
1. flr. 10-02 1.5 31.9 m² Sold
1. flr. 10-03 2.5 46.8 m² Sold
1. flr. 10-04 2.5 47.9 m² Sold
1. flr. 10-05 2.5 47.9 m² Sold
1. flr. 10-06 2.5 48.6 m² Sold
1. flr. 10-07 1.5 31.9 m² Sold
1. flr. 10-08 3.5 57.0 m² Sold
2. flr. 11-01 3.5 57.0 m² Sold
2. flr. 11-02 1.5 31.9 m² Sold
2. flr. 11-03 2.5 46.8 m² Sold
2. flr. 11-04 2.5 47.9 m² Sold
2. flr. 11-05 2.5 47.9 m² Sold
2. flr. 11-06 2.5 48.6 m² Sold
2. flr. 11-07 1.5 31.9 m² 380'000 Available
2. flr. 11-08 3.5 57.0 m² Sold
3. flr. 12-01 3.5 57.0 m² Sold
3. flr. 12-02 1.5 31.9 m² Sold
3. flr. 12-03 2.5 46.8 m² Sold
3. flr. 12-04 2.5 47.9 m² Sold
3. flr. 12-05 2.5 47.9 m² Sold
3. flr. 12-06 2.5 48.6 m² Sold
3. flr. 12-07 1.5 31.9 m² Reserved
3. flr. 12-08 3.5 57.0 m² Sold
4. flr. 13-01 3.5 57.0 m² Sold
4. flr. 13-02 1.5 31.9 m² Reserved
4. flr. 13-03 2.5 46.8 m² Sold
4. flr. 13-04 2.5 47.9 m² Sold
4. flr. 13-05 2.5 47.9 m² Sold
4. flr. 13-06 2.5 48.6 m² Sold
4. flr. 13-07 1.5 31.9 m² Reserved
4. flr. 13-08 3.5 57.0 m² Sold
5. flr. 14-01 3.5 57.0 m² Sold
5. flr. 14-02 3.5 61.9 m² Sold
5. flr. 14-03 3.5 61.9 m² Sold
5. flr. 14-04 4.5 73.2 m² Sold
5. flr. 14-05 3.5 61.9 m² Sold
5. flr. 14-06 3.5 57.0 m² Sold
6. flr. 15-01 3.5 57.0 m² Sold
6. flr. 15-02 3.5 61.9 m² Sold
6. flr. 15-03 3.5 61.9 m² Sold
6. flr. 15-04 4.5 73.2 m² Sold
6. flr. 15-05 3.5 61.9 m² Sold
6. flr. 15-06 3.5 57.0 m² Sold
Floor Price (CHF) PDF
Car Park 45'000

Suchen Sie ein bewirtschaftetes Apartment im STENNA nur zur temporären Eigennutzung, dann sind unsere Ferienwohnungen, die sich selbst finanzieren im Haus Selva genau das Richtige für Sie. Hier geht's zum Angebot:


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Arrive in your apartment and feel revitalised

In STENNA, the focus is on both relaxing and enjoying new experiences. Take a look at the photo gallery below to find out how it feels to round off an exciting day in your cosy apartment with alpine style. As you click through the pictures, you'll be irresistibly drawn into a very special way of living.

ALL IN ONE - everything's right outside your door

It's not just the view. It's not just the high-quality materials. It's not just the unique ambience. Above all, it's the ALL-IN-ONE experience that makes the apartments in STENNA so unusual and so desirable. To be precise: you'll be living in a rural idyll in the mountains, with the convenience of urban life in the form of varied leisure, entertainment, restaurant and shopping amenities close at hand. Right outside your door. 365 days a year.
Also just outside your door, and therefore perfect for when guests come to stay for a long weekend, is the STENNA Hotel. Your friends can stay at the hotel and the next morning be at the valley station for the Arena Express in precisely one minute, just like you. You can meet up in the evenings in the restaurant or the bar.


Straight from the piste to the sofa, or a quick bit of shopping first? Even on a Sunday? That's a luxury that you won't find everywhere. At STENNA Flims it's all included. From high-class ingredients for your culinary flights of fancy to everything you need for the home. And a kiosk, a medical centre and a pharmacy are there for you to use at any time.

Food and drink

There are a total of five restaurants and bars looking forward to welcoming you. During the day, you'll therefore find a wide range of frequently changing regional and seasonal dishes. And in the evening, the gourmet restaurant will treat you to delicious specialities from the grill or stylishly prepared regional dishes.

Full of life, 365 days a year

Enjoy peace and relaxation inside your own four walls And, at the same time, know that the place is buzzing with life just outside your door, every day of the year. Whenever you feel like it, you can take advantage of all the leisure and entertainment opportunities of Flims' new centre - including shopping. And it's open all year round!


STENNA offers a wide-ranging programme of entertainment and activities for all ages and all tastes. Whether it's a wellness afternoon, a workout in the fitness centre, a drink in the bar, a 3D or 4D blockbuster movie at the cinema, a visit to Kindercity with the kids - the possibilities are simply endless.

Direct connection to the pistes

Ski-in/ski-out: the valley stations for the Arena Express and the Foppa 3-person chairlift are right outside the door. This is the direct route to the on- and off-piste paradise of Flims - Laax - Falera in winter, and to the extensive network of footpaths and mountain bike trails for the rest of the year.

Children's paradise

STENNA is a fantastic place for children and families. Just round the corner is Kindercity with its Knowledge Trails to help children discover science through play, and its chocolate and dinosaur workshops and the Robotics Lab to experiment in. A big adventure - and not just for the little ones!

High-quality materials

STENNA offers high quality living space. Elegant surface materials for floors, kitchen and bathrooms characterize your personal hideaway.

Second homes

The apartments in STENNA are classified as second homes, with no restrictions (see also the separate information sheet on the Second Homes Act (DE)).

Second Homes Act

Minergie standard

The STENNA Vallada and STENNA Muntogna buildings have been constructed to meet the requirements of the Minergie standard and they have been awarded the relevant Minergie certificates. The buildings are constructed in compliance with the "greenproperty" quality seal including Minergie-ECO exclusion criteria.

Car parking

Every apartment in STENNA is offered with a modern parking space in a separate area of the underground car park. This space can be purchased along with the apartment. The special parking area for apartment owners is on the mezzanine level of the underground car park. From there, it's quick and easy to reach your building and your own apartment.

Parking Muntogna Parking Vallada


Experience and enjoy the diversity of STENNA

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