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Mountain railways


Living (Nr. 1 - 2)


1) STENNA Muntogna

House Muntogna fits into its surroundings perfectly between the last few metres of the valley run into Flims, a small wood and the pool/skating rink. Both the Arena Express valley station and the STENNA Centre are only a stone's throw away.


2) STENNA Vallada

House Vallada is opposite the valley run into Flims and the Arena Express valley station and is also beautifully integrated into the surrounding landscape. And it's only a very short walk to the pool/ice rink or to the main STENNA building.

Gastronomy (Nr. 3 - 4)


3) STENNA Hotel restaurant

One restaurant, two concepts. During the daytime, the restaurant at the STENNA Hotel treats you to a wide range of delicious dishes that are perfectly suited to a busy day on the mountain. Then, in the evening, it welcomes you for fine dining in a relaxed, comfortable ambience.

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4) Tapas Bar Lieto

What a day! The Lieto Tapas Bar is just the place to look back on your exciting day in the Flims mountains while enjoying delicious Spanish snacks before you head home to relax.

Activities (Nr. 5 - 8)


5) Kindercity

It doesn't matter if the weather is really bad outside: Kindercity is a big adventure, and not just for the little ones! Just outside your door, you'll find Knowledge Trails to help children of all ages discover science through play, and chocolate and dinosaur workshops and the Robotics Lab to experiment in. Kindercity also hosts temporary exhibitions.


6) Cinema

From Swiss films to 3D and 4D Hollywood blockbusters - the STENNA cinema promises great entertainment to suit the tastes of any film-lover. And the best thing is that it's right outside your front door, which means you can pick up some cinema tickets from the desk on the spur of the moment, before going to your apartment.


7) Ice rink

The pool on the big square between the three apartment buildings is a magnet for young and old, all year round. While in summer it looks nice and cool, making it an inviting place to linger, in winter it becomes an ice rink where you and your children can spend hours having loads of fun skating.


8) Trutg dil Flem

The award-winning water trail along the river Flem finishes just outside your door. Or starts there, as you wish. In either direction, the rushing mountain river Flem is an experience not to be missed - and it's made all the more exciting by the seven bridges you have to cross, some of them quite hair-raising.

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Shopping (Nr. 9 - 13)


9) Coop

Whether you pop in quickly for a few herbs and spices for dinner, or are looking for the perfect drinks for a small party, or need to go shopping for the whole weekend - you'll find everything you need at the STENNA Coop. Seven days a week!

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10) Coop Vitality

The Coop Vitality pharmacy is also there for you 365 days a year in STENNA. You'll find skincare products, cosmetics, sun cream and everything you need for your health, including medication, dietary and nutritional products, mother and baby products and toiletries.

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11) K Kiosk

Do you like to read the latest news with your Sunday breakfast? No problem. National and international newspapers and magazines are available every day from the K Kiosk, as are books, postcards, confectionery, ice cream, takeaway coffee and much more.

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12) Graubündner Kantonalbank

There's a bank just outside your door: the Graubündner Kantonalbank in the STENNA Centre. That's really handy if you need to change some money at the last minute, withdraw some cash, or have questions about investments, pensions or mortgages.

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13) Ski depot and servicing

You can take off your skis or snowboard in the evening, quickly take them in for servicing, then collect them the next morning and head off back to the slopes: thanks to the ski depot and ski servicing facility in STENNA, it's all quite easy. Skiing and snowboarding could hardly be more convenient.

Mountain railways (Nr. 14 - 15)


14) Arena Express valley station

Ski-in/ski-out via the valley station for the Arena Express in Flims. Whatever the weather, the gondola cable-car will take you quickly and comfortably up to the big Flims - Laax - Falera skiing and snowboarding area. When you reach the Plaun top station, you can either go left towards Laax on the 6-person chair lift to Crap Sogn Goin or go to the right on another gondola to Scansinas and Nagens on the Flims side.

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15) Valley station for the Foppa 3-person chair lift

If you don't want to go up quite so high, but still like to be able to ski-in/ski-out, you can take the Foppa 3-person chair lift. That takes you to the Naraus 4-person chair lift, and from the top there are some great on- and off-piste runs back down to Flims.

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